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                We believe People Matter, Passion Inspires, and Purpose Unites.

                Featured New Equipment

                Our Locations 28 Servicing Locations in 10 States!

                Used Equipment

                High-quality and affordable used material handling and construction equipment for varying applications and budgets.

                Rental Equipment

                Have a short-term need to fill or expanding your business? We offer rental rates & availability for forklifts and lift trucks, industrial floor cleaning equipment, AWPs, and more.

                7m精品分类 大全免费

                Optimize ROI with MH Equipment's Fleet Management services.

                Is your fleet losing you money through excessive maintenance costs or inefficient operations? Our Fleet Management experts understand productivity and can help address maintenance costs, uptime, effective equipment utilization, and more.

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                At MH Equipment, safety is a top priority.

                Safe in the Moment is not just a motto--it's a way of life for our people and our promise to you. Our safety and training courses for forklift operators provide insights into best practices and are a worthy investment for your company and your employees.

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                MH Equipments technicians are trained experts at keeping fleets running in top condition.

                With millions of dollars in local parts availability and factory-trained, GPS dispatched service technicians, MH Equipment is prepared to address service needs and have your equipment back in service in industry-leading timing.

                Maximize your Fleet Assets with

                • Preventative Maintenance
                • Scheduling
                • Utilization Tracking
                Fleet Management

                Types of Safety Courses Offered

                • Operator Training
                • Train the Trainer
                • Forklift Technical Training
                Schedule a safety class

                Comprehensive Service

                • Warehouse Design & Installation Pathway
                • Field Service
                • Parts for 40+ Manufacturers
                Parts & Service

                Why Choose MH Equipment?

                At MH Equipment, our vision has always been to be regarded as an employer of choice, a trustworthy partner, and ethical market leader in the communities we call home by providing our customers with innovative solutions and unparalleled value. We believe in forming lasting partnerships with our customers and suppliers as well as supporting our employees drive to give back to our communities. We have a Passion to serve and believe in leading by example.

                Our mission is to deliver exceptional service while honoring our vision and recognizing that People Matter, Passion Inspires, and Purpose Unites.

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